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The Sounds of the Village - Klänge der Nachbarschaft

Since 2013 a cooperation between the Musikgymnasium Linz (as part of the Adalbert Stifter Gymnasium) and the Musikgymnasium Prague (Gymnázium a Hudební škola hl.m. Prahy) has been in place, involving several joint music projects. The project is run under the patronage of the Austrian ambassador in Prague, Dr. Alexander Grubmayr, and the Czech ambassador in Vienna, Ing. Jan Sechter.

Since September 2016 this cooperation has been funded by the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, a programme of the European Union. Until August 2019 the project entitled ´Klänge der Nachbarschaft‘ altogether comprises six joint concerts on a professional level, performed in an appropriate ambience, that is to say in renowned concert halls: four chamber music evenings and two large orchestral or choral-orchestral concerts.

This project sees itself as a joint orchestra project, striving to bring together musically gifted students and teachers from both countries.


30th November 2016, Linec (Austria)
1st Juni 2017, Praha (Czech Republic)
2nd December 2017, Linec (Austria)
5th December 2017, Praha (Czech Republic)
12th April 2018, Linec (Austria)
22nd November 2018, Praha (Czech Republic)
5th April 2019, Praha (Czech Republic)
9th April 2019, Linec (Austria)

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